Swift Lawn and Garden began in 1993 with the purchase of an old utility trailer and a gently used set of lawn maintenance equipment.

For many years, our focus was solely on landscape maintenance and management, branching out into municipal parks and facilities in 2000. Word-of-mouth, a reputation for quality landscape management, and friendly customer relationships have always been key to our growth, and the primary drivers of our business for over 26 years.

Being on the maintenance side of the industry has also taught us many things about what a good, practical landscape design should be.

Does the design fit the customer’s lifestyle? Will it fall realistically into their maintenance budget? Do the plant selections make sense in the landscape with weather, pools, children, etc.? How will the design affect structures years from now?

We saw these essential considerations were absent from good design far too often, which is why we began designing and installing commonsense landscapes that served the customer’s real-world needs.

We don’t believe in the notion of upselling.

We believe it’s essential to give customers options to solve their landscaping dilemmas. Whether it is irrigation, plant or lawn issue, or something else, we feel a satisfied customer that has made an informed choice is much more important than a few dollars more and a dissatisfied customer who spent more money than they needed.



We’ll formulate the best estimate for you so you can create the landscape of your dreams!